Promotional Resume

About Roxie Mari

Donald Trump Wealth Expo
Host and Lead
Touring 30 cities all over the U.S promoting the Learning Annex and Donald Trump. Opened up show as Stage Host. Responsible for hiring, training and managing stage models, promotions and schedules.

Sushi Girl
Model Comic Con
Promoted Sushi Girl, the movie, by escorting actors including Mark Hamill, Noah Hathaway and Tony Todd to press releases, TV interviews, photoshoots and signings at Comic Con.

Promo model/ Product Specialist
Responsible for Cadillac car education and staying current on the latest and evolving models. Promoting Cadillac’s Ride and Drive in Los Angeles and Orange County. Assisting with promotional giveaways, license checks and set up and tear down at each event.

Fitness Model IRSHA
Traveled domestic to all major fitness shows, providing equipment demos for press and TV interviews.

Luvvitt Corp
Promo Model CES
Represented Luvvitt apple and Ipad products at CES. Responsible for potential interest and exchange of information with distributors, manufacturers and retailers.

Promo model Long Beach Grand Prix
Assisted with registration at the Corvette Corral for the Long Beach Grand Prix. Responsibilities included daily schedule, promotional giveaways and guest check in.

Promo model Angel Stadium
Assisted with registration at Angel Stadium tail gates. Responsibilities include set up and tear down, computer activations, guest sign in and premium hand outs.

Model Mayweather Fight
Represented Corona and HBO during the Mayweather vs. Cotto fight. Responisible for taking pictures with guest, handing out score cards and attending press conferences.

Madd Dog Athletics
Promo/Demo Model IHRSA
Represented Madd Dog Athletics at the IHRSA show. Responsible for demoing all workout equipment including cycling, Pilates and various circuit training, throughout the course of two days.

Promo Model
Responsible for promoting Chryslers’ ride and drive at various malls. Assisted with data input, license check and gift card distribution.

Promo and Sales ISSE
Responsible for product knowledge, demonstration, and sales at the ISSE Hair Show and Ethnic Hair Show

ABC Family
Promo Model Disneyland
Promoted ABC Family at the Disneyland Marathon by assisting with the game and trivia booth, directing traffic into show screening rooms, end of show audience recaps and premium giveaways.

Assisted with a Timberland and Lucky magazine event at South Coast Plaza. Responsible for promoting cocktails and prizes.

Promo Model U.S Open
Promoted Tillys pop up shop during the U.S Surf Open. Responsible for handing out giveaways and taking pictures with guest.

Lucky Magazine
Responsible for managing a staff of 20 during the Lucky Magazine Shop Event at Siren Studios. Duties included: set up and breakdown, training, event recap, break scheduling, and everything in-between to assure the client and customer was happy.

Promo model
Assisted with the store opening at South Coast Plaza which included a Selena Gomez concert and the signing of Khloe and Lamar Odom. Responsible for assembling premiums, distribution of concert tickets and line control.

Coca Cola
Promo Model NASCAR
Promoted Coca Cola Recycling during Nascar event, handed out premiums and assisted with virtual games and raffles.

Promo Model
Promoting “The Sony Hangout” at numerous concerts in the Irvine Amphitheatre. Responsible for set up and take down at each event, including Sony software and computers.

Attending various sporting events, promoting supplement and recovering products, taking pictures with guest and handing out promo items.

Conspiracy Entertainment
Model Comic Con
Dressed in zombie makeup, took pictures with guest and represented “Rock of the Dead” for press and interviews at the E3 show.

Fitness Model
Responsible for taking pictures and handing out samples at the Natural Products Expo.

Laguna Beach Jean Company
Promo Model Magic L.V
Responsible for communication and sales with existing and new clients at Magic in Las Vegas. Possessed an extensive knowledge on product and history company.

Promo Model
Promoted AXE bodyspray at the Maloof Money Cup Championship, X games, UCLA and USC games. Appeared and promoted on MTV and the Travel Channel. Responsible for spraying customers and taking pictures.