About Roxie Mari

SAG Eligible

Profile Sex: Female
Age range: 18 - 27
Height: 5'1
Weight: 110 Pounds
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Light Brown

Tangut USA HostVertex Media
ThaiFex World of Food Asia Host Thai Food Network TV
Journey Thailand Host Thai Food Network TV
Festival Fare Host Thai Food Network TV
Playhouse Disney 123 Host M3 Productions
Seasons Brides Host Anthony Sterling
Citrus College DVD Host Modern Art Productions
Fav’ore Market Host Robert Ascenio
Hollywood Mix Host Kelly Dios
SciFi Tonight Host Madts Bros Production
Martial Arts TV Host Joseph Collins

Sadab Soup Principal Satareh Productions
KDB Long Beach Principal Time Warner
Univision Principal AdMark Group
Body Jac Principal TeleArts Production
Mimi’s Café Principal Innovate Media Group
AIS Insurance Principal National TV Network
Don’t be Promiscuous PSA Supporting Golden Era Prod
Entourage Feature HBO

Fitness Brigade DVD Principal Sunrider Studios
Highest Bid Supporting Rowli Productions
Answers to Drugs Lead Golden Era Productions
Bob Harper’s Cardio DVD Principal Darren Capik
Canon PIXMA 980 Lead Industrial Video
Taco Bell DVD Supporting Taco Bell Inc
Crushed Supporting James Cahil
Assassins of a Scorned Wife Lead Colorz Entertainment
Raven Mad Lead Student Film

Haigee Bridal Model Catalog
Adidas Model Catalog
Nirve Beachcruisers Model Catalog
Bayside Clothing Model Catalog
LA Boxing Model Print Ad
Vertus Clothing Model Catalog
Jonathan Arndt Gallery of Jewels Model Catalog
Ocean Magazine Model Print Ad
Allstate Insurance Model Print Ad
Bhindi Jewellers Model Catalog/Cover
Ziba Company Model Magazine

Actors Workshop/ Rob Adams
Acting for the Camera Saddleback College
Dramatic Arts Rancho Santiago College
Janet Alhanti Acting Coach

Special Skills
Visual Designer, Aerobic Instructor, Dance (freestyle), Boxing, Kickboxing, Yoga, Kali-Silat, and Firearms

Phone: (844) 802-7576 Email: roxie@roxiemari.com